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Author's Note - This is one part of a series of short stories concerning the fan-comic Shifting Changelings Lies & Truth. These stories concern events(mostly past events) that are too big to cover in the comic. There is no chronological order to these stories. If you have not read the comic then please do so. Unless you read the comic these stories won't make much sense. Click here to read 'Shifting, Changelings, Lies & Truths'.

Pain! The sun began setting and the Changeling's head felt like exploding as unconsciousness gave way to an incredible pressure. Pain! Her vision returned and she saw the horrific killing field. Hundreds if not thousands of her fellow Changelings dead or dying. Their bodies evaporating into the air as a water puddle evaporates on a hot summer day and the air thick with the stench of death. Pain! The Changeling looked at her own body and the damage that was done to it.

The Changeling tried to stand and more pain shot through her left rear leg as it buckled. It was broken. The Changeling whimpered in her mind. She saw one partially formed Changeling ten feet from her. The Changeling limped to the injured changeling. The two changelings looked at each other with blank expressions. The limping Changeling waited for the other changeling to communicate or to melt into a healing puddle to rapidly heal itself. The injured changeling coughed once and went limp. Whatever spark of life was in the Changeling's eyes was gone.

The Changeling shook her head and sadness fill her heart. All around was death and destruction. Even the plant life did not escape the attacker's wrath. The Changeling clicked the roof of her mouth in growing anger. She knew who to blame for the massacre. Chrysalis the undisputed Queen of the Changelings. This carnage has Queen Chrysalis' hoofprints all over it. Only Chrysalis would let such wanton death and destruction happen just because she could.

The Changeling saw a hill. It was a good spot to see how bad things are. The Changeling made her way to the top of the hill. Being a Flyer, the Changeling equivalent of a Pegasus, she wanted to fly but with her broken leg landing would be too hard. She wanted to become a Healing Puddle. She was in mental shock and the Healing Puddle had to be done with total concentration. She limped up the hill. She stopped half way and rubbed her broken leg and tried to speed up the changeling's ability to quickly heal. It worked after a fashion. Some of the pain was gone but the bone was still broke.

The Changeling reached the top of the hill. At the top of the hill grew tall grass left untouched by the death and destruction below. The grass was taller than the average changeling and pony. She made her way through the grass. She reached the edge and looked down into a small valley. Fifty feet from the hiding spot, Chrysalis was killing (no, murdering, the Changeling thought) off the injured and dying. It was not an act of mercy or compassion. It was Chrysalis being herself.

The Changeling's growing anger caused her body to shake. The grass moved enough for Chrysalis or one of her personal guards to see it and mentally relay the information to Chrysalis via the Hive Mind. In either case Chrysalis looked up the hill and knew something hid in the tall grass. She and her guards made their way up the hill. The Changeling got a closer look at the Changeling Queen. 'She looks like I feel,' the Changeling thought to herself.

Fearing started to grip the Changeling as Chrysalis got closer. Chrysalis killed Changelings that had serious injuries. A broken leg is the same death warrant as internal bleeding. The Changeling thought fast. She could not fly or run. She could transform. The Changeling transformed into a rabbit. The tall grass blocked Chrysalis' view of the visual magic caused by the transformation. The leg was broken. No matter the form, an injury is an injury. It was how shape-shifting worked for changelings.

The Changeling limped away. Chrysalis and her guard pushed the grass down leaving the Changeling exposed.  "Can't hide from me," said Chrysalis. Her gleeful expression became disdain seeing a rabbit.

"A rabbit. . .or are you?" Chrysalis leaned nose to nose to the Changeling. The Changeling Queen focused on the Hive Mind. "Just a rabbit. We can still have some fun."

Chrysalis turned into a rabbit. The Changeling backed away in fear. Whatever the Queen had in mind would end up with the Changeling in so much pain she would wish she was dead provided Chrysalis did not come up with a creative way to kill her.

"A race from here to the bottom of the hill and back up. The winner gets to live," explained Chrysalis. "You have a broken leg. Let's make it interesting. I can heal your leg or I could do something else to balance you out."

The Changeling's spine turned to ice. Whenever Chrysalis wanted to make things interesting it meant a lot more pain than can be imagined. The Changeling backed away in fear. What could she do? Even at full strength she would be no match for Chrysalis. Long sharp claws grew from Chrysalis' rabbit paws. The Changeling knew right then Chrysalis did not want to break her other legs. She was going to use those claws to amputate. Chrysalis stood tall in her rabbit form as the Changeling cowered unable to do anything. Chrysalis raised a paw and with manic desire and expression went to strike.

Chrysalis stopped and transformed back into her natural self. She looked to the west toward Canterlot and through the memories of the Changelings near that kingdom she saw a platoon of Pegasi flying toward her location. Chrysalis gave the mental command to retreat. She did what she set out to do and did not want to stir up more problems. She looked down at the Changeling.

"We won't get to have our race but I can't leave you without a parting gift," said the Queen. She kicked the Changeling hard enough crack ribs.

The Changeling watched Chrysalis fly away with her guard flanking her. Minutes later shadows passed over the Changeling. The shadows were from Pegasi. They flew in the same direction as Chrysalis.

The Changeling crawled into a thicket of grass that Chrysalis did not ruin. The Changeling almost passed out again trying to transform back to normal. The broken leg and now cracked ribs. The Changeling laid exhausted and tired. She felt the lure of sleep and did not resist. She started to drift off to sleep. She was nearly asleep when she woke up in stark realization.

Chrysalis did not know the rabbit was a changeling. A slow frightening realization came to the Changeling's mind and finally realized she was not linked to the Mind Hive. A changeling is always connected to the Hive Mind except for things like dying (1) or acts of reproduction(2). Other than those things a changeling cannot willingly engage or disengage from the Hive Mind. Only the Queen can willingly tune in or tune out the Hive Mind.

The Changeling did the equivalent of closing her eyes and focused on the Hive Mind. For a microsecond she felt something but then the connection was gone. She took a painful breath and tried again. This time nothing at all. She was free from Chrysalis. She then began to doubt. This could be some kind of mental trick by Chrysalis. To force a changeling to disengage from the Hive Mind with the belief of being free. Sometime later Chrysalis appears and does whatever acts of sadism to the changeling.

If freedom was a temporary thing then the Changeling would not give Chrysalis the satisfaction. The Changeling laid in the same spot, never moving for two days. Her hunger and thirst grew along with the pain caused by her wounds. She slipped in an out of consciousness while waiting for Chrysalis to come back and finish the job or whatever she had in mind. On the evening of the second day a thought entered the Changeling's mind.

"Are you that stupid? If the Queen was going to do whatever she would have done it by now! Why won't you realize that you are FREE?" This was Changeling's own Inner Voice.

"Queen Chrysalis, you can't fool me! Do whatever you're going to do and be done with it!" thought the Changeling.

"Look within as much as you can. You will realize that I am not Chrysalis!" shot back the Inner Voice.

The Changeling feeling she now had nothing to lose did as the voice said. She became introspective and discovered that other voice was her. The deep subconscious self made up of intuition and instinct.  It took a half-hour for the Changeling to accept the truth of her freedom.

The Changeling then wondered how she could have broken free. The memories came as she began to realize the truth. She got hit in the face by powerful magic and falling to the ground. The last thing the Changeling felt was her head being stepped on and her helmet cracking as she tried to keep it as dense and hard as possible(3).

Any hard blow to the head is a risk for brain damage. Sometimes one of the senses becomes damaged or lost because the signals between the organ and the brain gets ruined or disrupted. The part of a changeling's brain that permits access to the Hive Mind is no different from the eyes or ears. The damage was enough to make the Changeling telepathically deaf, mute, and blind.

The Changeling wanted to heal as the pain, hunger, and thirst became worse. The Changeling decided to risk the healing puddle. The healing puddle is a way for a Changeling to rapidly heal. It is akin to a reset button. It is also a changeling's most vulnerable form. Changelings cannot use defensive or offensive measures and they enter a deep dreamless sleep. Their form is so loose and fragile that something merely stepping on the puddle causes a great enough shock to the changeling to disrupt its ability to transform. A changeling that cannot come out of a healing puddle will die of thirst and starvation as its body starts to dissolve.

The Changeling focused and started to melt into a dark liquid goo. The Changeling gave a silent sigh of relief as the pain in her leg and chest began to fade. The healing puddle was so relaxing and the Changeling started to fall asleep. She did enter sleep for a second then awoke with a start. Only her head remained formed. She had to revert back to normal. If she entered the deep sleep she would fully melt and the healing puddle would repair her brain damage. That would connect her back to the Hive Mind and back under Chrysalis' control.

She strained her liquid body to form. Front legs rose and grew out of the puddle. The Changeling began pulling herself out. As she lifted herself and reverted her back to normal. It was like how a trapped animal stuck in muck and mud uses its front legs and to try pull itself out. The Changeling breathed heavily as her body fully reformed. She felt pain in her chest and rear leg. This pain was more pulled muscles than broken bones.

The Changeling's stomach growled. She looked at the tall grass and shuddered. Changeling do not need to eat solid food but they will if there is nothing with emotions nearby. The Changeling ate the grass while trying not to gag or get sick in her stomach.

The Changeling looked around her as the land darkened into night. She looked in one direction that lead to Princess Celestia and the Ponies. In the other direction were Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings. Everywhere else led to lands that were unknown to the Changeling. A new question came to the Changeling.

'What am I supposed to do now?'

The End. . .
. . .
. .
. . .
For Now

(1) Changelings will disconnect from the Mind Hive when dying to prevent other changeling to emotionally experience direct death and the mental anguish and trauma. Chrysalis however can force a dying changeling to remain connected.
(2) In an odd twist Chrysalis keeps reproduction a private matter between two mating changelings and never interferes. This does not mean that mating changelings are free from Chrysalis' control. Its just that the act of reproduction is not 'shared' among the Hive Mind.
(3) Changeling can not only change from one life form to another they can also harden or increase the density of parts of their body structure. This lets changelings 'grow' natural armor that is as durable as the armor worn by Pony Guards.
Pain of Freedom
A companion story to the fancomic Shifting Changelings Lies & Truths. Click Here to read the comic from the start.
Comic Art is by moemneop
Story by Graeystone

My Little Pony is copyright its creator/company.
Rules for reposting this story is the same as the rules for reposting the comic - ask me.
Fahrenheit 451
Brave New World
Atlas Shrugged
Logan's Run
Certain Fallout Games
Animal Farm
Too many people on dA and even in Real Life seem to believe these stories are 'How-To Guides' on what our very real world should be like. For anyone who believes that, I have a simple question for you - "Are you that frickin' stupid!?"

The people who created these story meant for them to be 'cautionary tales' or better yet; 'things that should never be attempted in real life.' Yet all the time there are people who think bringing about some of the nastier aspects of these stories would be a 'good thing'. Every time I see someone on TV burning a US Flag, I think of the Firemen from 451. Whenever some person who thinks abortion, what I refer to as 'Sexual Anarchy', and the general decline of basic morality is a good thing, there is images of what the world of Brave New World must be like.

Then there are the Communists. . .sweet dear, idiotic, Communists! Read 1984 or Animal Farm. . .Orwell was a Marxist in his own right but he flat out knew the dangers of Communism.

Then there is how the Elderly are treated. . .without any consideration at all. Might as well start up Logan's Run "Carrousel" and be done with it.

And so on and so on. While the majority of people who have read any/all of these books, watched the movie adaptations, or played a Fallout game, . Very serious warnings about Authoritarianism/Dystopia of one kind of another. Warnings of possible futures of things that are offensive get burned to ashes or strict limits on how long a person can live. Whatever the case might be in these books, the absolute worst parts of them - the Sandmen, the Firemen, National Legislature, or whatever must never be replicated in real life except in a movie to show how evil, vile, and wrong such ideas are.

As for those who work, stupidly willingly or stupidly unwilling, to bring those type of things about, all I will say is, "If you ever actually get a foothold, then you're going to have one hell of a fight on your hands." As General John Stark said, "Live free or die; death is not the worst of evils!"
In wake of Orlando, something great could have happened out of that tragedy and yet there was nothing. What didn't happen that should've happened was just another tragedy(although not as big as the shooting) added onto a long list of tragedies.

What was this Lost Opportunity?

A chance to come together as full Americans. For a brief moment we could have put things like race, gender, religion, or whatever on the back burner and become something more important than those things - Human Beings and Americans.

Instead we ended up with more division because our Sympathetic(To the Enemy) Coward of a President and Crooked Hillary tried to turn this attack on the US into an Anti-Gun Rant. Instead of trying to get people to realize that we are all Americans First and Whatever Second, we got more political division and infighting. Instead of Obama showing America that he does indeed have a pair, he showed everyone that he might be a Eunuch.(Eunuchs are historically 'passive' in nature) Hillary once again proved she's still disconnected from the disconnect. And Trump is well. . .Trump.

While its easy to call them all 'indirect accomplices' to the Terrorist, its also on us. Our country with our Rights and ease of Communication(Internet), unifying should be as easy when something like Orlando. . .or San Bernardino. . .or Fort Hood happens. Instead we let the Opportunists and Politicians beat us to the Microphone. None of those people care for Unification. All they care about is 'What's In It For Me?'

Ultimately it should be We The People, not We The Government who cries out the loudest whenever this kind of tragedy happens. And until Americans start realizing that We The People means "The Person I See Every Time I Look In The Mirror", it will be the wrong type of people who get to speak out against these attacks, murders, and tragedies.
So Hillary's 'Foot in Mouth Disease' acted up again. This time she said she was going to shut down coal mines. . .to which a coal miner asked her what the heck her major malfunction is. Of course Clinton apologized as only a Clinton can by saying, "I don’t know how to explain it other than what I said was totally out of context for what I meant because I have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time. . ." In other words she once again blamed the other person of taking her words out of context. Its not the first time that's happened. Case in point was her way of dealing with the parents of the Americans who were killed in Benghazi. . .by calling them liars. Most of us would at least have the decency to either think before speaking(coal mining) or just plain keep our traps shut(Bengahzi). But not Hillary Clinton. . .clearly not her. And when she should speak out against something, she doesn't. The recent example being Albright's 'Special Hell' comment.

One would think Hillary is a narcissist, megalomaniac, or just a straight up uncouth, uncivilized moron. I think she's worse than all of that.  As I've said a couple of times before, "That person/group is/are disconnected from reality so badly they are disconnected from the disconnect." Hillary is oblivious to the needs of others it doesn't even register with her. While she is great at telling people what they want to hear she is incapable of telling them what they need to hear.(Although that is a problem with the majority of people running for office but those people come off as con artists and are not as oblivious as Hillary.) Hillary is so removed from humanity she practically has zero empathy for others. This can be seen with people who are suffering. Look at how she treated those women who accused Bill of rape back in the 1990's. Hillary didn't care that her husband was a potential rapist and she didn't care about the potential suffering of the accusers. She verbally attacked the accusers and by all accounts didn't privately nail Bill to the wall. Hillary's line about "Woman who accuse a man of rape must be believed/helped," wasn't about making up for past mistakes with Bill's accusers or trying to get the feminist/women's vote. It was about trying to sound empathic to others. It was a giant failure because what happened in the past.

Its easy to say Hillary is a socio/psychopath but they have logic or reason at times. Hillary is not known for using those. Narcissism is another possibility. However narcissism and similar do on occasion(ok, once in a Blue Moon) have Pet The Dog moments. As far I know Hillary has never shown any type of legitimate compassion for others. Its hard to tell what is wrong with her mentally. Its like she is flitters between three or four different psychosis a week usually ranging from narcissism to hints of paranoia. One possibility for this near stew of mental issues is she may not have 'inhaled' like Bill but she may have 'dropped' some of the nastier stuff in the 1960s. PCP/LSD are known to really screw up a person's brain and mind for the long term. Her attitude and behavior could be the damage of those drugs finally catching up to her. Those drugs, even in small doses and if the user isn't mentally and physically prepared the damage will happen and it will last for decades.

Whatever the cause for Hillary's mind to be the way it is, it clearly shows she must never be president. I won't say she will start WWIII or Nuclear Armageddon but I will say she will not do our country any favors. We've had eight years of megalomania and narcissism. We don't need someone who is worse than that and is so far gone they are disconnected from the disconnect.


Graeystone's Graeymatter
United States
More of a writer than an artist. What brought me here was a surprise collaboration with Laruaneato.(See my Favorites). I did a comedy script in a forum and Lauraneato asked me for permission to turn it into a comic.(Again check out my Favorites)
From time to time I'll post fanfics and maybe some original stories.

NOTE - I will talk about anything in private EXCEPT for religion an politics. If you want to talk about either of those, do it in the comment section or in the appropriate deviation that I did.
So that MLP Comic I mentioned before has officially started-

Shifting Changelings Lies and Truths 000 - Title by moemneop

I hope the fans and everyone enjoys reading it. It will have a good story with good art. Don't forget to drop us a message and tell us how you like it!

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